Polymeric Pipe 3-D Liner


Multi layer liner designed capable of containing all refined hydrocarbons, sour gas and most chemicals



Polymeric's Tri-Extruded Chemical liner is produced of 3 distinct layers. The outer cladding layer is of PE 100 to establish dimension, the middle is a "Tie-Layer" to bond the HDPE to the inside chemical resistant polymer as the P/E and inside are not compatible due to the vast temperature differences. The inside is produced with a high performance engineered thermoplastic. This process is simultaneous and continuous operation.

The Tie-Layer chemically and molecularly bonds to both creating a composite sandwich. 

The cost producing pipe of the singular chemical resistant engineered thermoplastic resin would generate costs that would be beyond most budgets and there by be prohibitive in many applications. Having the chemical barrier resin only a few mils thick drastically reduces cost yet provides the necessary chemical resistance needed for a full functioning barrier.

The PE 100 was selected due to its superior mechanical and temperature values VS P/E 3408. The PE 100 is necessary to generate a total liner profile thickness so that the composite is "WORKABLE". A thin film of only a few mils thick would be very difficult to impossible to manufacture as well as to incorporate and install.

The Polymeric Tri-Extruded 3=D liner was originally developed for large diameter hydrocarbon pipelines in sensitive installations such as wet lands and river crossings. The internal polymer barrier is resistant to all know solvents <200F (94C), all natural and refined hydrocarbons, and its operational temperature is only limited by the PE 100 which is also 200F. 

All refined hydrocarbons have showed absolutely no affect on the polymer barrier and this shield of the olefin jacket provides the best composite available within the market today.

The Polymeric Tri-Extruded 3-D liner has been subjected to through, severe and diligent testing , proven to exhibit over 400 X’s permeation efficiency verses all grades of polyethylene. Its ideal range of ph 2 thru 12 reveals a superior and broad range of performance. 

Chemical plants and refinery requirements preclude, in many cases, pure olefins due to the molecular origin of their feed stocks, crude and natural gas. However, Jet Fuel was the primary target for the 3-DO liner because of the locations of pipelines installations beneath sometimes feet of thickness of concrete run ways, taxiways, parking surfaces. Excavation thru these thick concrete surfaces would be major undertakings completely isolating the daily parking, loading, unloading, and refueling of commercial aircraft.

The equally difficult replacement of piping within a refinery and chemical complexes would be as demanding. Rehabilitation of these similar piping structures now is a real option. Chemical and temperature criteria have always been the primary concern whether the original design requirements were carbon, cast, ductile or stainless steels.

The Polymeric 3-D tri-extruded liner does not have the many limitations associated with lined composite metallurgical and thermoplastic piping and fittings utilizing PTFE (Teflon) and PVDF which have been present in the industry for many years. These applications have been limited to flanged jointed spools of various dimensions of 20 ft. / 6 meters lengths. Polymeric's Tri-Extruded 3-D liner can be installed in lengths of many hundred lineal feet / meters there by eliminating flanges and meet the demands of difficult flow streams.

Today, the Polymeric 3-D liner has no equal in services such as:

  1. Jet fuel and all other refined hydrocarbons
  2. Wet and liquid hydrocarbons such as methane, butane, propane thru and beyond hexane and its derivatives and additives 
  3. Plant process water with entrained and sensitive chemicals
  4. Aromatic solvents <200F / 94C
  5. Vastly superior in performance to Nylon
  6. Wet C02 / H2S and other sour gas situations, produced well head gas liquids
  7. River crossings, wet lands piping transporting sensitive chemicals and hydrocarbons, both natural and refined
  8. EPA sensitive areas

***Applications that require elevated operating temperatures, (pipe / linings) would be able to use the pure chemical barrier polymer having operating temperatures of 250 - 270 C (482 –518 F) within specific environments and conditions. 

Options of remediation of chemical and refinery piping both buried and aerial are now available. Fittings and valves must still be excavated; however, straight or sweeping pipe lays involving hundreds of lineal feet / meters are now possible with Polymeric Pipe's Tri-Extruded 3=D liner in service application not before available. Today, Polymeric Pipe offers its 3=D liner in diameters from 2.875” thru 15.5” (73mm – 400mm)

Polymeric has always been able to install its basic high density high molecular weight polyethylene liner in applications within its chemical envelope but now include but now include more agressive environments as noted; 

  1.  Inner liner within failed piping for fire water delivery, bridging joints, corrosion, leaks, scale
  2.  Coal fired power plants for fly ash slurries
  3.  Sulphuric Acid delivery thru 98% purity, largest built, 10" (254 mm)
  4.  Piping from 2" thru 48" (5mm - 1200mm)
  5.  Chemical sewers
  6.  Potable water delivery mains
  7.  Gravity / force sewer mains 
  8.  Polymeric's "Water Boy" system for removal of water fall out with in large diameter refined hydrocarbon storage facilities.

Polymeric's systems can address the most demanding remediation and rehabilitation needs, some of which have included:

  1.  Down hole (wells with failed casing)
  2.  Slurries
  3.  Vertical piping
  4.  Gravity thru high pressure, > 6500 PSI to date
  5.  F X F factory spools, roto-cast fittings
  6.  Sub sea , wet lands installed by either lay barge and/or reel ship
  7.  Lined coil steel tubing up to 7,000' x 4.5" OD (2200 meters X 115 mm diameter), reeled
  8.  Polymeric liner factory manufactured and coiled on Mega-Coil reels up to 16' diameter X 24' long (4.9 meters X 7.3 meters long), water transportable
  9.  The largest and longest installed full dimensional liners available
  10.  Dual containment with monitoring option


’04 production of 3=D liner in 2.875" OD (73mm) and 7.9" OD (200 mm),

2nd Quarter ’05 production of 3=D liner available thru 12” (300mm)

3rd Quarter ’05 production of 3=D liner available to 15.5” (400mm)


The 3=D liner is available in the primary sizes: 2.875" OD and 7.9" OD within 60 – 75 days. Production comes upon Polymeric’s Mega-Coils. The largest coils are available by rail / water transportation.

Pricing: upon request 

Pull Lengths: Pull lengths are the same as conventional P/E. The 3=D liner will be available only on Polymeric Mega-Coil reels

Handling & joining: Polymeric Mega-Coil reels / terminated with flanges.

****See Polymeric’s Project Questionnaire segment in this web site

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