The SURE-LINE® HDPE process in an existing or new pipeline creates a tight fitting, full dimensional HDPE pipe within old deteriorated pipelines or newly constructed pipelines by inserting a deformed HDPE pipe which is then sequentially unfolded and expanded against the interior surface of the existing pipe. This new HDPE pipe is a smooth, jointless, structural pipe within a pipe that meets the performance requirements of ASTM and API recommended standards.


  • 1. The SURE-LINE® HDPE pipe is delivered to the job site usually in 40 foot sections, however, different joint lengths can be ordered to meet specific job requirements.

    The pipe is fused together by the latest computer aided fusing equipment with a step-by-step quality check.

  • 2. The SURE-LINE ® HDPE pipe is then drawn through the proprietary tucking device which deforms or folds the HDPE pipe in order to facilitate insertion into the pipe being lined (the host pipe).

  • 3. Once the host pipe is cleaned thoroughly, the SURE-LINE ® HDPE pipe is pulled with winches through the host pipe.

  • 4. The SURE-LINE® HDPE pipe is then reformed with air pressure to fit up tight against the host pipe and a mechanical compression fit is formed between the host pipe and the SURE-LINE ® HDPE pipe.

  • 5. The installation is completed by terminating the ends and reconnecting the services.