Because SURE-LINE® is manufactured in continuous lengths and is fused on site, is has no mechanical joints. As a result, exfiltration of pollutants and chemicals into the surrounding groundwater aquifer is eliminated.

Resists Corrosion
SURE-LINE® protects pipelines from attack by corrosive chemical effluents or gases by providing a chemically resistant HDPE liner.

Stand Alone Structural Pipe
SURE-LINE® enhances the strength of soil/pipe systems by installing a tight-fitting HDPE pipe within the existing pipe. This structural system supports standard internal pressures as well as external loads.

Increases Flow Capacity
In most cases, flow capacity is actually enhanced due to the fact that the smoothness of the inner surface of the liner overcomes any loss of cross sectional area experienced by insertion of the liner.

Requires Minimal Excavation
The SURE-LINE® installation requires minimal excavation pits for insertion into the pipeline. This minimizes disturbances of surface features and impacts to the environment.