The SURE-LINE PIPE® (HDPE) is manufactured from a high-density polyethylene pipe compound, which conforms to ASTM D-1248 and D-3350 standards and meets the requirements for type PE 34, Class C Product. The SURE-LINE® pipe properties shall also meets these ASTM testing standards.

SURE-LINE® Material Tests
Tests for compliance with this specification shall be made according to the applicable ASTM specification. A certificate of compliance with this specification as well as PI standards shall be provided upon request by the manufacturer for all materials furnished under this specification.

When the environmental stress crack resistance (ECSR) of the compound is measured in accordance with ASTM D-1693, Condition C, the compound shall withstand not less than 192 hours in 100 % solution of CO-630 at 100 ° F before reaching a 20 % failure point (F20).

Additional Testing
The “squeeze off” technique for testing polyethylene pipe was performed on 20 yr. old pipe by pinching the two pipe walls together using a clamping device then releasing after a period of time. The aged material used in this test was not adversely affected by the squeeze process. This test confirms the low modulus of elasticity and high ductility of polyethylene pipe. It further shows that polyethylene pipe can be repeatedly squeezed off to the point where the walls meet without adversely affecting the pipe.

SURE-LINE® Pipe Dimensions
The outside diameter and minimum wall thickness shall be sized such that when installed the SURE-LINE® HDPE liner will neatly fit the internal circumference of the host pipe. Standard dimension ratio of the liner shall be based on the evaluation of the design considerations. These considerations normally include an evaluation of: 1) internal pressure, 2) flow capacity, 3) condition of existing carrier pipe, 4) external loads (hydrostatic pressure and/ or static and dynamic earth loads), if applicable.