Property (determined on compression molded specimen)

Mechanical Properties:    
Tensile strength (break) D 638 4,500psi
Ultimate elongation D 638 850 %
Flexural modulus D 790 136,000 psi
Tensile strength D 638 3,200 psi
Thermal Properties:    
Brittleness temperature D 746 <-100 °C
Melt Index D 1238 (Cond. E) 0.10g/10min
High load melt index D 1238 (Cond. F) 12g/10 min
DSC Induction temperature D 3350 > 250 °C
DSC Induction time at 210 ° C (100 % oxygen)   25 min
Melting point, for heating and cooling    

rate at 10 C/ min.

  127 ° C
Vicat softening temperature D 1525 121 ° C
Crystallization point, heating and cooling rate    

at 10C/min

  113 ° C
Deforming temperature LIT. 77 ° C
Thermal expansion coefficient for   6.0 x 10

unrestrained pipe

Approximate Operating Temperature   160 ° F

Limit for non-pressure pipe

Specific Heat   0.55 Btu/lb ° F
Thermal Conductivity   2.7 Btu in/ft² hr. ° F
Thermal Conductance, surface to surface COMPUTE Btu/ft² hr. ° F

Temperature flow

Miscellaneous Properties:    
Density (base resin) D1505  
Density (compound) D1505  
Environmental stress crack resistance D1693 COND.C  
Thermally aged environmental stress crack resistance D1693 COND.C  
Durometer hardness, Shore "D" D2240  
Linear thermal Coefficient of Exp. D696  
Izod Impact, notch at 23° C D256  
Hydrostatic design basis D2837  
Water absorbtion in 24 hours D570  
Gas permeability:      
  methane Bettelle
  hydrogen Battelle

Permeability constant (K) PE2306

Constant K
Methane AGA85 85
Carbon monoxide AGA85 80
Hydrogen AGA85 425