The legend used denotes the following:

S- Satisfactory This product has no affect on Driscopipe high density polyethylene pipe
M – Marginal A loss of physical properties occurs. Systems design and conditions of use will be the determining factors.
U – Unsatisfactory A significant loss of strength, softening or embrittlement occurs. Driscopipe is unsuitable for prolonged contact.
N – Not known  

Some reagents are marked with an asterisk (*). Although Driscopipe is chemically resistant to these agents, excess temperatures and pressures can, under certain conditions, lead to stress cracking.

On reagents marked marginal, chemical attack will be recognized by a loss of physical properties of the pipe.


REAGENT 70 °F (21 °C) 140 °F (60 °C)
Acetic Acid* 1-10% S S
Acetic Acid* 10-100% S M
Acetone M U
Acrylic Emulsions* S S
Aluminum Chloride S S
Aluminum Fluoride S S
Aluminum Sulfate S S
Alums (all types) S S
Ammonia 100% Dry Gas S S
Ammonium Carbonate S S
Ammonium Chloride S S
Ammonium Nitrate S S
Ammonium Sulfate S S
Ammonium Sulfide S S
Ammonium Thiocyanate S S
Amyl Acetate 100% M U
Amyl Alcohol* 100% S S
Amyl Chloride 100% N U
Aniline 100% S N
Antimony Chloride S S
Barium Carbonate S S
Barium Chloride S S
Barium Hydroxide S S
Barium Sulfate S S
Barrium Sulfide S S
Benzene 100% M U
Brine S S
Butyl Alcohol S S
Calcium Bisullide S S
Calcium Carbonate S S
Calcium Chlorate S S