B. (cont.) method here to refer to standard pipe cleaning specifications if contained elsewhere in this document). If necessary, Owner may contract installer to clean existing pipe.

C. Inspection of Gas Line- Inspection of pipelines shall be performed by experienced personnel trained in identifying obstacles and surveying conditions of the pipe. The interior of the pipeline shall be carefully inspected to determine the location of any conditions that may prevent proper installation of the liner pipe into the pipeline, and it shall be noted so that these conditions can be corrected.

D. Line Obstructions- It shall be the responsibility of the Installer to clear the line of obstructions such as solids and collapsed pipe that will prevent the insertion of the SURE-LINE pipe. If an obstruction cannot be removed by conventional equipment, then the Owner shall make a point to repair excavation to uncover and remove or repair the obstruction.

X. Finish: The reconstructed pipe shall be continuous, without joints over the entire length of the pipe. The surface shall be smooth and free of waviness throughout the pipe.

Any defects that will affect the structural integrity of the reconstructed pipe shall be repaired, or the SURE-LINE will be replaced at the Contractor’s expense.

XI. Flaring Liner Endpoints: The endpoints will be finished with a flaring device producing a gasket for the mechanical flanges. This encapsulates the liner creating a pressure seal.

XII. Testing: The Contractor shall furnish all equipment and personnel to conduct an acceptance test using low-pressure air. The test shall be conducted under the supervision of the Owner’s representative.

XIII. Backfill: After the liner is in place and accepted by the Owner’s representative, backfill is placed and compacted to required finish grade in accordance with the Owner’s specifications. Particular care should be taken to ensure compaction of earth beneath the service pipe in order to reduce subsidence and resultant bending at the service connection and the gas main.

XIV. Payment: Payment for the work included in this section will be in accordance with the prices set forth in the proposal for the quantity of work performed. Progress payments will be made monthly based on the work performed during that period.