Polymeric Resistol Composite Tubing

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Tubing sizes 2 3/8” , 2 7/8”, 3 ½”, 4”, 4 ½”

Liner – Formula “A” or “B”

Expander bushing – Duplex SS

Chemical resistant O-ring

O-ring seals into collar

Liner can handle H2S, CO2 and paraffin does not adhere

Thermal Expansion issues controlled

Engineered Thermoplastics resist rapid Gas decompression


Features and Benefits:

Corrosion Resistant

-Handles H2S, strong acids and base’s


High temperature performance

- Formula “A” can handle temperatures over 300 F

- Formula “B” can handle temperatures over 350 F


Resistant to paraffin and asphaltenes

No build up – no pressure loses


Low permeation

- ~300 times less permeable than HDPE

-No liner collapse from pressure in annulus


No need for plastic bushing in joint

-Joint box coated with same material as liner

-No engineer on sight monitoring the placement of a bushing


Tool alignment does not attack nose of liner

-Stainless steel bushing protects liner from tool


Coefficient of linear thermal expansion of plastic

-Bushing compensates for any growth in liner

Collars are coated with fusion bonded polymers, Formula “A” or “B”

-Chemically bonded to steel for superior performance with long service life




  2 3/8” , 2 7/8”, 3 ½”, 4”, 4 ½”  



Pricing:     upon request 




****See Polymeric’s Project Questionnaire segment in this web site

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